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Grandma's Attic 
Awarded the Dallas, Oregon
Area Chamber of Commerce
2001 Small Business of the Year Award!

Tel: 503. 623-0451
Fax: 503. 623-0498 
Toll Free (USA only)1-888-835-7397

Store Hours: 
Monday - Saturday
10 am to 5 pm
Sunday: Noon to 4 pm

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About Us

Welcome and Congratulations! You’ve just discovered our online home, GrandmasAtticQuilting.Com, the best place on the Internet for quilters, stitchers, embroiderers, fabric lovers, and anyone else who loves the same thing we do: the Fiber Arts.

Grandma’s Attic provides you, our online customer, with a wide array of quality fabrics, notions and quilting supplies at our consistently and competitively low prices. And, because we are committed to you, our customer, we offer only the very best--and widest selection--of quilting products and services that can be found online. Thousands of satisfied customers already know we work hard each day in our online store to make shopping on the web with us a pleasure! We continually receive feedback from our customers about how easy it for them to find and purchase the items they need. If this is your first time shopping with us, you’ll soon discover how secure, easy, and fun purchasing from Grandma’s Attic can be!

Quilting and the Fiber Arts has a long historical tradition that powerfully connects us to our families, our larger historical roots, and the causes of women around the world. Often, in the past, women could only express themselves and share their lives through the medium of fabric and thread. With voices tightly woven into the fabric of the past, they can speak to us through our daily life in the textiles they have passed down--perhaps even through a treasured quilt grandma made. 

Rachel Greco, our founder, believes it is important that these voices and traditions be honored and carried into the 21st century. She established her online store to give customers access to all their quilting needs and resources, regardless of their background, the particular time of day or place in their part of the world, or even their previous experience. 

Grandma’s Attic is very proud to continue our mission to provide the best quilting supplies and resources available online, thereby helping to pass on the unique traditions and special connections to history and family that only the Fiber Arts can convey. More personal than a diary, more durable than paper, these are the voices of our grandmothers that tie us to them and pull us forward into the future.

What Makes Us Unique

We are one of the very first quilt stores on the web. Consequently, we have well over eight years experience with online sales. Few other online quilt stores can claim that. But what does this experience mean? It means that you can rest comfortably, assured that your order is being handled quickly, safely, and with the care that only an experienced online sales staff can give.

For example, we have a small staff dedicated solely to our online store. Therefore, your order gets personalized attention from friendly people who really know their stuff. Have a question? Forget something on your order? Call us. We don’t hide our phone number and we don’t use a complicated phone system. Our staff is always delighted to talk with you and can help you with information about the supplies you may need. Do you see something online you like? It will be in the mail right after you order--sometimes even the same day! Having a dedicated staff also means that every order is processed efficiently with personal attention. You may even find a little treat from “Grandma” in your order.

As proven and stable pioneers of online quilt stores, you can be sure that when you order from us, all of your order information is kept safe. We protect every order with our secure store; the proof is the lock symbol displayed in the corner of your browser when your order from the order screen. Furthermore, while we are processing your order through our mail-order room, we ensure that your credit information is never compromised. We protect all your credit information as closely as we do our own, leaving nothing to chance. We never share your address or information with others.

Consequently, as one of the largest and most experienced quilting stores on the web, you can be sure that you are getting the very best products and service available in a timely fashion in a manner that you can trust.

Our Specialties

Our first love is fabric. We have one of the widest supplies of reproduction fabrics on the web. Whether you order a half-yard of your favorite reproduction design, or subscribe to one of our monthly fabric newsletters, you discover how our love of fabric brings you quality products and well thought out selections. We have the top name brands in quilting and sewing fabric in the right colors and pleasing designs you love and use. Moda, Hoffman, Kaufman, Baum, Michael Miller and Bali are just a very few of the name brands that we carry. And we are always on the lookout for great fabrics and designers, so we continually add to our selections--nearly every day. We look forward to seeing these great fabrics in our customers’ finished projects. 

Another specialty you’ll find at Grandma’s Attic is our expanded Redwork and Embroidery selections. Aside from the patterns and Block of the Month programs that feature our love of Redwork, you will find the right threads and notions to create these unique projects. Our knowledge about Redwork Embroidery is extensive because “Grandma Rachel” loves to create redwork projects and learn about its history. Our online Redwork page is one of our most popular sites because people know that, when it comes to Redwork, we really know our stuff. 

Our Founder

Our Founder, Rachel Greco, has always been a devotee of the Fiber Arts. Beginning with needlework lessons from her own Grandmother at the age of nine, Grandma Rachel has spent nearly a lifetime working with and learning about the role of quilting, sewing, embroidery and other fiber arts in women’s lives throughout history and today. She has also spent time around the quilting frame, with embroidery hoops, and at the sewing machine creating items for her family. With five grown children, she and her husband Steve live on a small farm not far from town. A self-taught quilt historian and an avid reader, Grandma Rachel is frequently asked to give lectures about quilts, quilt blocks, and the role of women and their connection to fabric. When not hard at work at Grandma’s Attic, either on the sales floor or within the webstore, developing the selection and quality of products her customers seek, Grandma Rachel spends her time researching the history of women, quilts and fabrics as often as she can. 

Visit Us

Our brick and mortar shop in Dallas, Oregon is within the very heart of the Willamette Valley, a town of approximately 15,000 people. Dallas is proud of its deep connections to the 19th Century Pioneers of the American West. A community established on a firm bedrock of traditional values, Dallas is at the end of the old Applegate Trail, the southern counterpart to the Oregon Trail, yet another pioneering route for the first European Settlers in the 1840s. We are only a block away from the old Polk County Courthouse. Built in 1900, the courthouse is a scenic focal point of much of our town’s history.

If you’re vacationing in the area, you’ll want to come and see us. We are a mere fifteen minute drive away from the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, and an hour’s drive away from Lincoln City, a popular beachfront town on the Pacific Coast. To the east of us are the picturesque Cascade Mountains, another fun destination place for relaxation, scenic drives, and vacation. We are approximately an hour south of Portland, the most populous city and most well known city of Oregon. As you can tell, being in the center of things our store front is perfectly located for you to visit. Come see us the next time you’re in town!