Grandma's Quilt Club: Let's Make Cake!

Wild Roses Quilt Club

A Party with a Cake is just a Meeting"

At least that's what Julia Child said! With that in mind, Grandma has been baking up a club full of cake this year! And we've got a heaping helping of fun to go with it. Each month you'll find cake-inspired quilt blocks while learning that the history of cake is actually the history of an evolving world. Lively amusement at every monthly meeting, door prizes, cake recipes, and more!

Each month, we will focus on a particular type of cake, its history, and fun information about cake in general. Club Members have an opportunity to socialize with friends, share stories, and collect quilt blocks to make a commemorative quilt. Packed with history and adventure, you won't want to miss this exciting new series.

Quilt block kits are available in seven different color schemes: 1930s Cats and Quilts, Americana, Autumn Reverie, Autumn Solids, Ocean Batiks, Red/White and Blue, and Red/White and Black. Class participation is $10.00 per month per colorway. There is a $10 membership fee which helps offset the cost of class materials.

Grandma’s Quilt Clubs are like no others that we know about. They are a fun way to learn about history that affects women today, discover new products, participate in door prize drawings, be with friends, and collect quilt blocks. You must pre-register for this class.

Club Dates: 2017/2018:  September 8/9/10; October 5/6/7;  November 2/3/4; December 7/8/9; January  4/5/6; February 1/2/3; March 1/2/3; April 5/6/7; May 3/4/5; June 7/8/9; July 5/6/7; & August 2/3/4

Instructor: Rachel Greco
Dates: Once Per Month, Thursday-Saturday
Times: Thursday, 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm, Friday, 9:00 am &
11:00 am Saturday, 9:00 am & 11:00 am

Membership Fee: $10.00
Class Fee: $10.00 per month
per colorway chosen
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Stories of Old Oregon - Towns and Founders 3

Instructor: Rachel Greco
Dates: Once per month
Times: Usually the 3rd Saturday, 10:00 am

Membership Fee: $10.00
Class Fee: $5.00 per month
2017 CLASS DATES: Nov. 18 & Dec. 16

Continuing our series on the Stories of Old Oregon, we are continuing our focus on the towns and founders within the state of Oregon. Grandma Rachel will guide you through the fascinating history of how many of the towns in Oregon were founded--how they got their names, their early history, prominent citizens of the day, and beginnings of each town's commerce and industry.

You'll make quilt blocks that the pioneers themselves might have made, socialize with friends and discover the answers to such questions as which town was originally called the Forks of the Santiam, what town was destroyed by its founder's favorite garden shrub, and who first platted the streets and why.

Grandma Rachel has created a quilting experience you will not want to miss. Over the course of the class, she will provide History, including show and tell of quilts and information from the time period of the mid-1800s. You'll receive quilt block patterns, an informational newsletter and other entertaining handouts. After each session there is a fabulous FREE lunch of soup, salad and dessert.

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Basic Beginners Block of the Month

Instructor: Cheryl Libby
Dates: Once per month
Times: Third Friday of the Month 10:00 am

Class Fee: $45 First Session (includes book); then $5.00 per monthly session
2017 Classes:  November 10 & December 29

Everyone was a beginner at one time or another! And what better way to learn the absolute basics of quilt making than with Aunt Cheryl. With over 20 years of quilting experience, she's seen it, sewn it, ripped it out and sewn it over again! Taking you step-by-step (and patiently) through a variety of simple quilt blocks, Cheryl will teach you accurate measuring, cutting and sewing methods, working with you one-on-one until you gain the skills and confidence that you need to be a confident beginner. Once your quilt blocks are constructed, you'll learn how to add sashing and borders to create your very own quilt top. Speak with Cheryl to get started at any time!

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