Fun With Grandma

Free Redwork Embroidery Patterns

Free Redwork Embroidery Patterns You'll have tons of fun stitching these free Redwork embroidery blocks from Grandma Rachel's Redwork Club. Grandma Rachel says, "These old-fashioned designs are just like the ones my Grandma used when she taught me how to embroider many years ago." Trace them on fabric using your favorite method, then stitch to your heart's content.

Magazines & Newspapers Featuring Grandma's Attic

Magazines & Newspapers Featuring Grandma's Attic We thought you'd like to view the covers of Quilting Magazines that have featured Grandma's Attic. Imagine that? Our little quilt shop in the national magazines. It was totally fun to see these magazines for sale in places like the local grocery and big box container stores. We've even had one of our original quilts featured on the front cover! The newspaper articles showcase our community service efforts for the food bank, local domestic violence shelter, and American Cancer society. We are really proud of all this coverage.

Articles from Grandma's Scrapbasket Newsletter

Articles from Grandma's Scrapbasket Newsletter Every month we publish a little newsletter that you can subscribe to featuring  5" x 5" fabric squares, articles on quilt history, and information about products available at Grandma's Attic. The newsletter include a lot of useful news and information, plus there are free patterns and other fun stuff. Here are a couple of articles that have appeared in past issues. When you're not at the sewing machine, you'll want to indulge your love of all things quilting by reading them.

Quotes From Grandma's Online Gab Sheet

Quotes From Grandma's Online Gab Sheet My grandmother, Annie Virginia Smith, was an avid reader and a self-taught historian. Over the years, she collected an entire host of quotes, book passages, and inspirational snippets to share with friends and family. Every week, our free online gab sheet features one of these endearing tidbits in the hopes that you will find them as inspirational and thought provoking as we do. Here's a few of our favorites.

Quilt Games & Sayings

Quilt Games & Sayings We've compiled some fun Quilt Games and Sayings to use at your next gathering of friends and family, or at your own Guild or social meetings. The sayings can be used in quilts, in scrapbooks, as invitations to a party, as decorations, or anything else you can dream up. We think you'll have lots of fun with them!