Quilt Games 

Threaders:  Each team choose one person to thread needles. Needles are threaded into the same spool. How many needles can be threaded in two minutes?  

Under the Big Top:  Each group receives a batch of blocks that are already trimmed to 12-1/2. They will sew them three across and four down into a top. First group done, wins.

Still Crazy:  One member from each group sews foundation crazy squares. One with the most blocks made after one hour wins.

All Shook Up:  Each team must unscramble quilt block names. Most quilt block names unscrambled wins.

Rotary Race:  Each team will choose one person to cut strips—fabric is provided and strips are to be cut at 2. Person will cut for five minutes. Inaccurate strips will be disqualified. Strips will be used for making rail fence and other blocks. Team with the most blocks done accurately wins.

Sew and Slice:  Three members from each team works to sew strips from the rotary race (above) into sets of four, then cut apart into
6-1/2 units. When time is up, the team with the most units sewn wins.

Hidden Picture:  Each team member gets a picture of a quilt with tons of blocks — they must find the name of the blocks in the least amount of time. Person with the most names wins.

Pack a Sewing Basket:  All groups play — the group lasting the longest wins. Name an item in a sewing basket, next person says that item, plus a new one. When a person can't remember, they drop out.

Thimble Relay:  Each team picks 4 members to form a relay team. The object is to walk with a spoon containing a thimble without dropping the thimble.  

Don't Say That!:  Each person will be given a safety pin on entering the room. The object is to end up with the most pins. You get pin
s by catching another person saying the forbidden word—pick something that is hard to avoid like quilt or rotary. When someone catches you saying the word, you have to give up your pin. Award points for three people with the highest number of pins at the
end of the day.

Color Challenge:  Each team matches colors with descriptions. The team with the most correct answers wins!

Scavenger Hunt:  Make a list of several items that participant s can search for in their purse, sewing basket, bag or other belongings. Make as many as possible sewing related. Person who finds the most number of items wins!  

Magazine Quilting:  Each team is given a magazine, poster board, scissors, glue stick and marker. Using provided supplies they will create a quilt for judging. You can decide on themes if you wish. Judging can include Best of Show, Judges Choice, Best Interpretation of theme, etc. Make ribbons to hand to wins.